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    2-D Bar Graph

    Srikanth P

      Hi Folks, I need to create 2 Dimensional (2D) Bar graph and please find the attched JPEG file reference.


      Please share your thougts how can I create this type of charts.





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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Create a bar chart with three dimensions and one expression.

          The first dimension is the one with the values Business Support, Chemical, CMP etc.

          The second dimension is the one with the values 0-90, 91-180 and >180

          The third dimension is the same as the second. This dimension must be added twice to the chart. Use Add Calculated Dimension to add this dimension the second time.

          The expression is whatever measure you want to calculate and display as the bar height.


          Here's an example:




          Edit: Without the third dimension you'll only see the labels of the first dimension on the x-axis. Just try with and without it and you'll see the difference.