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    Sum all data to specific date

    Yaniv Egozi



      My data is

      date product qty

      1.1.13 prod-X 1

      1.1.13 prod-Y 1

      2.1.13 prod-X 1

      3.1.13 prod-X -1

      I want to calculate my invnentory for  2.1.13

      the result should be

      Prod-X 2

      Prod-Y 1

      my problem is that when I chose the date 2.1.13 I only get the invnetory for Prod-X and not Prod-Y because he had not data on the chosen date.


      My formula is

      sum({$<Date= {"<=$(=max(SA_DATE))"}>} CALC_QTY)


      where SA_DATE is the date I select


      Any help is appreicated