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    Filter Pivot Table Based on Values Entered in Inputbox

      Dear All,


      I have one pivot table which should be filter based on values entered in Inputbox.

      Below is one sample Table I have taken from which Pivot Table is created.


      Snapshot of Excel :



      EmpIDLast NameFirst NameTitleHire DateOfficeExtensionReports ToYear SalaryAgeExperience
      24CrawfordJudySystems Manager06/08/0512001950400.004520.7
      1RollFrankSales Representative10/01/032501461000.003510.3
      3CarssonRobSales Representative10/01/045102463000.00274.8
      9BrolinHelenSales Representative02/15/071103460000.00295.7
      42ÄrligÖstenAccount Manager12/24/031104351000.00263
      52AshkenazMikeAccount Manager11/30/041-4249500.00241.2
      7LindwallTomSales Representative02/22/072201461000.00283.5
      8ShineLeifSales Coordinator03/05/042202265000.003813


      Snapshot of Pivot Table :



      Now when user wants to filter data where Annual Salary is between 45000 - 50000 then I have provided two input boxes where user will enter

      Salary = 50000 with tolerance 5000 ( this provision is as per client's requirement).

      Similar provision is needed for filtering data further on Age & Experience basis.


      So how can I do this? Can anybody help me in getting this ?



      PS : I have attached QVW as well as Data source for your reference.