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    Conditional condition in set analysis :)

      Hi everyone,


      I am quite new in qlikview. This is my first question in community. Hope to be a question not asked/answered before.


      I want to pass some conditions to a dimension, based on selections from an inline load table. Let me give example:


      My inline load as follows:


      LOAD * INLINE [
          Tax Choice
          Surcharge Only


      My pivot table is:




      The dimesion is:


      =aggr(Only( {$<DataOrder={1},TaxType=>} [Tax Name]),[Tax Name],[Carrier])


      I want to pass TaxType conditions based on Tax Choice table. For example: if "Excluded" is selected as Tax Choice then none of tax should be returned, if "Surcharge Only" selected then TaxType={'Surcharge'} will be returned, if "Total" is selected then TaxType={'Surcharge','Others'} or TaxType= will be returned.


      I tried some ifs but I couldn't achieve.


      Thanks for helpful answers.