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    URL Links

      Hi -


      I need help with writting an expression that will display links based on the data sources.


      In my initial query I used the following trick to display data from Table1.


      Can you please help me merge two tables into a single field?


      Table 1: issue&'<URL>www.qlik.com&[issue]

      Table 2:issue&'<URL>www.google.com&[issue]


      Thank you

        • Re: URL Links

          I just realized that i was not providing you with an accurate set of data.


          In simple words here is what i am trying to do:


          IF( 'Issue' = (first 3 letters ABC- display URL 'www.qlik.com') else display url www.google.com)


          Is this possible to achieve in Qliview?

          Thank you!