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    Calculation for a single working phase on the same piece

      Hy All,


      I have a problem with my analisys. In our production we work more time in a day the same pieces on a machine.

      In my DB the data are collected line by line for every working activity the machine perform.

      I need to analyse the single working activity pieces by pieces but I don't know how to do it.


      I give you an example


      Production Order
      Sequence Number
      Working Step
      Time ON
      Header 5
      123451001115.00 11/02/2013
      123451002215.01 11/02/2013
      123451003315.02 11/02/2013
      123451004415.03 11/02/2013
      123451005515.04 11/02/2013
      123451500118.01 11/02/2013
      123451501218.02 11/02/2013
      123451502318.03 11/02/2013
      123451503418.04 11/02/2013
      123451504518.05 11/02/2013


      in this case the same Production Order (12345) go 2 time on the machine, one from 15.00 to 15.04 and one form 18.01 to 18.05.

      How can I make the calculation for the ammount of time the PO was under the machine on a single working phase (1to5)?

      How can I count the number of time we rework the same PO?


      thanks a lot for your help!