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    Show top 20 products by selection

    Corne Vermaak

      I want to show the top 20 best performers by unit sales, while giving users the option to choose the attribute grouping.

      So let's say I have 1,000 products, each with a Gender, Size and Category attribute, that is sold over a selection of months. The user wants to see the top 20 items sold in total, but also by each attribute.The user should indicate which attribute (and month) he wishes to query the data, probably by using an input box - but I can dictate how the selection will be done.

      It also does not matter whether the results are shown on one table or different tables which ever is the easiest to automate

      Any ideas how to filter by top 20 sales across the attributes?


        • Show top 20 products by selection
          Tim Benoit

          You can make a chart show the top 20 Items with the highest sales by using a calculated dimension. Use this expression in the calculated dimension:


          Name the calculated dimension "Top 20".

          The easiest way to make that chart also show Gender, Size, or Category is to make those things a secondary dimension. If it were my report I would put those things into a cycle group and make the cycle group the secondary dimension. Then, your report user can click through each secondary dimension.