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    Problems to export to Excel format currency

        Dear QVCommunity



      I have a pivot table in which I have an expression in which we assign the currency format by Selected.



      Money (Sum (Sales), $ (vCurrency))



      The variable value is vCurrency



      If(Moneda='COP','$ #.##0;($ #.##0)','USD #.##0,00;(USD #.##0,00)')


      The number format tab Expression Number is marked by default, when I export to Excel the values are output as text in Excel.

      If you change the number format in the Number tab by currency works correctly, the problem is that he could not differentiate between USD and $


      In a post to review said it was for issues QV 11 SR version, migrate both server and desktop QV11 SR2 and this did not solve the problem