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    Macros fail on Server

      I make this macro:
      sub setInputFieldValores set oTable = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject( "CH53" ) set gp = oTable.GetProperties gp.TableProperties.PivotAlwaysFullyExpanded = true oTable.SetProperties gp set oCells = oTable.GetCells2(4,0,1,oTable.GetRowCount) 'Copia valores da coluna 4, "Rentabilidade Realizada" set oCellsP = oTable.GetCells2(3,0,1,oTable.GetRowCount) 'Copia valores da coluna 3, "Quantidades" oTable.Deactivate setFormatacaoNumeros("0") ColIter = 6 for RowIter = 1 to oCells.Count-1 if oCellsP.Item(RowIter).Item(0).Text = "-" then oTable.SetInputFieldCell RowIter,6,oCells.Item(RowIter).Item(0).Number end if next setFormatacaoNumeros("1") gp.TableProperties.PivotAlwaysFullyExpanded = false oTable.SetProperties gp oTable.Activateend sub
      This macro copy values of a column to another column (inputfield). This work correctly in stand alone QV, but fail on server("Macro parsing failed, the functionality was lost"). The problem occurs in this line: oTable.SetInputFieldCell RowIter,6,oCells.Item(RowIter).Item(0).Number I tried to apply the value for a variable before to apply on cell, but has no sucess. Does someone has any suggestion? I'm be use Qv 9 Server SR3.