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    Expressor: File Connection parameters and lookup tables



      I have strated to work through a small project implementing parameters for values that are likely to change with environments etc.. One of which is the FileConnection for picking up csv files. I have a project with a Connection that uses a paramter to get the location of an input file. I then read this using a Read File operator and I wanted to feed this to a Write Lookup Table. I have done this using hard coded values, so I decided to switch to parameters, however now I get an error (see below) , for some reason the Write Lookup Table does not pick up the parameter value for the file connection and then fails. If I reset this to use nothing, the process works as the WLT created the ADM file in the defualt location. Is this a bug or a feature?


      I have attached a mini project that shows this problem with an attached csv file, just add the fle to c:\temp.





      dataflow controller - ETASK-0017-N: Using Standard license for QlikView Expressor Processor; resource utilization limited. (etask.controller)

      expressor dataflow execution utility (etask) n (Build 23826) Dec 11 2012

      <task dataflow="Dataflow1">

      <!-- project.home[(null)], project[..] -->

      <step id="0" step_name="Step_1" process="6648" run="0" status="ok" start="2013-02-12T11:49:10">

      Write Lookup Table 1 - ETOOL-0018-F: operator 2.0, name 'Write Lookup Table 1' - etool failed with exception 'DatastoreException', phase 'initializeGlobalState', type write-lookup. (Dataflow1.Step_1)

      Write Lookup Table 1 - EDATASTORE-0002-A: While processing datastore 'Project1_LookupTable1': the 'datastoreconnection.param' element must have the attribute 'value'. (Dataflow1.Step_1)





      dataflow controller - ETASK-0038-F: Processing has completed abnormally. (Dataflow1.controller)

        • Re: Expressor: File Connection parameters and lookup tables

          I've looked at your project:

          • You have a file connection artifact that uses a parameter to specify the path.
            • this is fine
          • You specify this file connection when configuring the lookup table.
          • Consequently, both the location of your source file and the location in which the file representing the contents of the lookup table are the same file system location.


          While there is nothing wrong with this, it isn't really a good idea.  The location in which you store the files holding the data of a lookup table should be in a more private location, perhaps a common location for all lookup table files.  Placing this file in the same location as your source data file would expose the lookup data file to users of the application.


          That said, what you are reporting is the fact that the file connection used in configuring a lookup table cannot use a parameter to specify its path. This should not really present a problem as the file system location of the lookup data files is not something that will change with any frequency, although in moving an application from developement to production you may want to alter the location, so it would be nice to be able to do this through parameterization.


          I have duplicated your issue and will report to engineering.