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    Time Tracking of Meetings



      Not really sure where to start with this challenge.


      I am trying to track occupancy levels of meeting rooms in a Community Centre.


      I have data which has a start time and end time - all meetings are same day i.e. none span midnight. I need to show the utilization of a meeting room i.e.


      Meeting Room           Start Time          End Time

      Room 1                    9:00                    11:00

      Room 1                    13:00                   15:00  


      I would like to see a chart hour by hour of a day that shows in the above example between the hours of 11:00 and 13:00 it was empty.


      Additionally some meetings may be on the half hour ? If that makes a difference to the challenge.


      As I say I not sure where to start with this one so would appreciate any support that be offered,


      Many thanks,