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    Need help with textbook example (Calculation Limits)

      Hello everyone,


      I recently got a problem following QlikView API Guide.


      In particular I can't make some code example work.


      Here is the code:

      set chart = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH62")

      set cl = chart.GetCalculationLimits

      cl.MemoryLimit = cl.MemoryLimit * 2

      chart.setCalculationLimits cl


      I copied it from QV API Guide.


      What I expect it to do is to double memory limits for my pivot chart. I need it since I'm getting annoying "allocated memory exceeded" error when trying to add dimensions to it via VB macro.


      What this code actually does is opens Edit Module window with no errors at all.


      Would you please point me where I am wrong?


      Thanks in advance