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    Selecting File on Load

      I have a file that has a date embedded in the file name. Eg File_20120101.csv. I have the same file with different dates. What I would like to do in Qlikview is have the ability to select the file to load when I reload data. So in essence I am asking if there is a way to code Qlikview to ask the user to select a file rather than hard code it. Is this possible?





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          Stefan Wühl

          Not sure if this is of great help, but there is a system function to query the user from the script:


          Input(str cue [, str caption])


          This function can be used in the script only and opens an input box that prompts the user for a value during the script execution. The parameters cue and caption are used as message and caption texts, respectively. The function returns the entered value.

          The input box function returns NULL if the dialog is cancelled, closed or cannot be shown.


          Input('Enter value', 'Input box') as v,
          Recno () as r
          autogenerate 3;