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    Sent Date Value To Excel - get Text cell type.

    Matan Chalamish



      In my models i hold a variable call "vDF" that representing user date format (On open trigger --> run macro...)

      In my models - I'm use calculated dimention: '=Date(Date, vDF)', to show the date according to the user.


      My problem is: When i'm send chart to excel, i'm get the calculated dimention from TEXT type.

                               My question is - How can i send this calculated dimention to excel and get Excel DATE type, in excel worksheet (for group in pivot tables).


      Example attached:

      Chart with 2 dimention column:

           1st column - Date(Date, vDF),        When sent to excel       --> Excel Text type - That the Problem!!. (I want date type...)

           2nd column -  "Date"                       When sent to excel       --> Excel  Date type - for comparison.


      image whith excel's results.


      It is possible?


      Thanks -