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    Charts for comparing data

      I have some data in excel which has the Person Name,Package Name,Region Name and Date of Change.

      So I wanted a chart which will tell me how many person have changed thier packages in a specified region. Is it possible in qlikview?


      The Packages would be like "Gold or Platinum or Basic" The region can be like "BTM,Whitefield etc"


      So the data would like below,

      Person Name
      Package Name
      Region Name
      Date of Change
      Person ABasicBTM1/1/2013
      Person BGoldWhitefield1/2/2013
      Person AGoldBTM2/2/2013
      Person BBasicWhitefield2/3/2013

      As per above data I would want a chart which would dynamically tell me how many people in Whitefield / BTM have changed from Basic package to gold or gold to platinum. But if some one changes from Platiunum to gold or gold to basic or platinum to basic it should show it some kind of negative way in the bar chart or some other chart. Is it possible in Qlikview?