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    Help! How to design charts with date calculations

      Hey guys. Need a little help here.


      I have 2 tables, with a field in each table as such:


      1 table has a "date received" field


      1 table has a "date sent" field


      basically, I need a chart that filters by month (Jan through Dec), then shows how many letters were sent out in a timely fashion. when a letter is received (date received), it has to go out (date sent) within 60 days. if it's sent within that time frame, it's in a "timely fashion".


      I have no clue how to do this. From what I can tell, first I have to do a "date received - date sent" calculation, then a calculation that says if that <= 60, then count that as "good". The chart then should show this, broken down by month, as a percentage (100%, 99%).


      Should this be done in 2 steps? Maybe create a table with "date received - date sent", then do a count of that?