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    Database Related Query

    Suresh Rawat

      Hi All,


      I would like to know, applications that are running on server provide a functionality to the users to write Notes on charts. Is there any provision to customize notes according to my requirements - based on security.


      For Eg:-


      In my application i have a Zone Wise Graph,  and that report is accessible to multiple users that are based on differen zones, suppose few are in south zone, east zone, north zone, west zone.

                     Suppose i write a note for north zone users and they reply to that notes, for that i want my comment is only visible to north zone users and vice-versa.


      Also i would like to know, can i store these notes on any database from the server.


      Please refer the attached file.



      Thanks & Regards

      Suresh Rawat

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          Dave Riley

          In QV11 at least, when creating the note, in the top left top right corner there is an icon of two people which when clicked allows you to specify "Who can see this note" and the options are ...


               Only me

               Specific People

               Anyone who can see the object


          I've never tested it, and don't think you can specify groups under 'Specific People'.  It might be easier to create different objects for the groups and control visibility to the users via conditional show of the object and the last option above.


          The note is written to the .Shared file of the document on the server - the note is clear text so could be read out of there if that's what you wanted (just look for the AT prefixed object refererences).




          EDIT: icon is top right not top left.

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            Jason Michaelides

            Just to be clear - are you referring to the new notes functionality in QV or notes written in a separate system?