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    Chart Issue - Dimensions & Expressions

      Hi all,


      I'm still a very new QlikView user and I have an issue that I could use some help with. I'm working on a test chart at the moment. Basically there are 4 STATEMENTS which people have scored 0-10 on. There are 4 SEGMENTS, which for the purposes of this example I have called Segment 1 Segment 2 etc - although in reality this will be something like "London", "Glasgow" etc. The segment defines where the user is from.


      I've made the chart below:




      This is all well and good, however I need the Statements to be on the left hand side, and the Segments to be the legend (at the top right hand corner). Is there a way to do this? In other words, I want every segment to be represented by a different coloured bar, not the other way around.


      Expressions used:







      Dimension used: