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    Calculate Time Interval Between Two Dates On Business Days For Business Hours Only

      Dear Community,


      I have two dates (close date and open date). I need to calculate the interval between these two and visualize it on a bar chart or maybe, even a table chart.


      REQUIREMENT: Calculate Time Interval Between Close Date and Open Date




      Bar Chart showing average time taken to resolve a ticket (i.e., close_date - open_date) in %  against a cyclic dimension.




      1. Calculated time interval should exclude weekends (Thu, Fri) in this case

      2. Calculated time interval should exclude non-business hours


      Valid business hours are 7 AM to 5 PM.


      Additionally, it would be great if I could also exclude the tea/lunch break duration from the business hours of a working day.


      I have found some posts on the community that almost solve this, but I could use some assistance to get this right, esp the valid business hours and weekends (Thu, Fri).


      Please find the Sample document attached.


      Thank you for your time.