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    Conditional Dimensions

    simon jones

      Is it possible to display (in a straight table) a dimension that is retricted by its narrative value?  e.g. only display 'Shirts' where the colour is 'Blue'

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          yes you can do it.

          You can build your dimension a write down an expression like this:


          if (Field1 = 'Blue,Field1)


          Hope it helps



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            khadeer basha

            Yes we can do in calculated dimension in dimension tab.


            Calculated dimensions are used to restrict the data in dimension level


            Dimension tab----> calculated dimension-----> for suppose ur above requirement


            if(shirts='Blue', Shirts)


            It display only Shirts which having color Blue.


            Hope it helps u. If u want more post ur sample application.

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              simon jones

              Thanks for the advice.  It didn't give the results I hoped for! so it occurs to me that maybe I'm not asking the right question.  I only want the chart to display data where the value (narrative) of the primary dimension is a certain value. e.g.My dimension lists 50 items, but I only want the chart to display data relating to 1 item in that list.

              Can you help?