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    Allocated memory exceeded error

      Hello everyone,


      I've got this annoying "Allocated memory exceeded" error while trying to dinamically add dimensions to pivot table.


      When I'm adding them via GUI I get no errors at all.


      Macro I'm using:

      sub onSelectMacro

        set chart = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH01")

        ' clean chart dimensions

        set dims = chart.GetProperties.Dimensions

        for i=0 to dims.Count - 1

          chart.RemoveDimension 0


        'add dimensions

        chart.AddDimension "time_name"

        set dimSelection = ActiveDocument.fields("dimension").GetSelectedValues

        for i=0 to dimSelection.Count - 1

          chart.AddDimension dimSelection.Item(i).text  


      end sub


      I'm attaching sample file.


      Please help me sort out this strange behaviour.