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    Problem with charts

      Hello, how are you? I am new to this powerful research tool.

      Here one of my doubts

      If I bring sales per day at various levels, imagine, section, family, subfamily, as you can create a separate chart for each category?

      Now I get it but always filtered by the selected minimum level

      That is, if the minimum is the subfamily, when I select one, the other two graphs are equal to this

      I need you each keep your level, but with the total

      That is, in section, total section, family values all families ....

      I thought about making multiple tables and unlink renaming the field, one with everything, but then I have to create then several golf leaf selection ....

      Likewise, we would also like to create a graph for each of the families that make up the section ... and always puendan see .. I looked at the filters in the graph properties, but I get tampocoo

      Sorry for my English

      thank you very much