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    Max Charts in QV



      I've currently deployed a QV10 solution in a QV10 SR2 Publisher (AJAXClient), ~10 million records, and I'm having a trouble with the two biggest sheets.


      In one I have 10 charts and 6 straight tables that can be filtered by the values of 5 listboxes and 14 multiboxes. In this sheet, when I have more than 6 or 7 multiboxes with values, it starts to get slow. But I can still manage to filter by all the conditions (listboxes/multiboxes) with a little patience.


      But when it comes to the biggest sheet (16 charts, 82 straight tables, 5 listboxes and 17 multiboxes), I can only select / filter ~5 multiboxes and afterwards the solution becomes unresponsive until it crashes...


      I currently have 9GBs RAM for this application. I could get 12GBs RAM but I'm afraid that I can't still manage this sheet completely.


      Do you think this is too much for QV to handle? Or what amount of memory do you think I'll need?

      Thanks in advance