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    Linking fields

      Hi -


      I have two tables that i need to link as part of my pie chart.


      I was able to link these fields in a straight table using IF formula and now I am having hard time linking straight table values to pie chart for TAGS.




      Table 1

      Issue ID| Description| Tags|


      Table 2

      Issue ID| Description


      Please help!

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          Gabriel Oluwaseye



          I would just JOIN the two table together.


          JOIN has variation with it, LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, INNER JOIN. Please note, using just JOIN with result in OUTER JOIN. So use approriate JOIN.




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            Nick Listerman

            Are you trying to get all records from Table 2 and only the tags from Table 1?  You will want to create the "link" or the join in your load script.


            Sample below will return all results for the Issue IDs


            'Table 1':
            Load * inline
                      Issue ID, Description,   Tags
                      1,   Desc1,  Tags1
                      2,   Desc2,  Tags2
                      3,   Desc3,  Tags3
            'Table 2':
            OUTER JOIN
            load * inline
                      Issue ID, Description
                      1,   Desc_Table2_1
                      2,   Desc_Table2_2


            Issue ID Tags Description
            1 Tags1 Desc1
            2 Tags2 Desc2
            3 Tags3 Desc3