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    Change Header of a Email by Macro - vbscript

    Marcel Olmo

      Hi guys I have a macro to send emails in vbscript like this:


      Dim objEmail

      objEmail.To = mailto (mailto is a variable with the mail )

      objEmail.From =  getVariable("vEmailFrom")

      objEmail.Sender = getVariable("vEmailAlias")

      objEmail.Subject = mailSubject 

      objEmail.TextBody = ""


      What I'm  trying to do is to change the header of the mail.


      As default my mail shows the name of the username who sends the email, but I want to change the header whenever I want. Any ideas ?


      I want something like :


      objEmail.setNewMailHeader = "Hello Header Mail")


      But I've found no property to change the header of the email.


      If anybody knows how to do it, I'll appreciate that.


      Many thanks in advance!!!