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    Calculating average per hour for days

    Nick Listerman

      I have a set of data containing incoming calls for the past 3 months and I am attempting to create a line chart showing the incoming calls per hour for today as well as the average incoming calls per hour for the past 42 days. 


      Here is where I am at...  I have a line chart with dimensions hour(inc_call_time) with a single expression of count(distinct(if(inc_call_time>=timestamp(today()),call_id)))


      Now I am attempting to calculate the average for each hour of the day based on the past 42 days and I have had zero luck.  Is it possible with an expression if the date is not a dimension?


      I can't access the community from the network I have the file in so I can't provide sample data.  I could probably fake something if someone really needs it.