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    Null Values appear in Chart for Fields from same column in the database

      I have a requirement in which a particular column in the database is interpretted differently in different graphs in the application. I have created a set of fields(which will be my dimensions in the graphs) in Qlikview, each of which has a subset(or a combination of some values in the column) of this original column. The problem is, when I join all these fields to the fact table, it creates a set of null values for dimension, with sum(fact_metric). The user would like to see all values for the dimension, even when the sum is zero. This results in a null value for the field,when all values are null for a particular selection/date etc. How do I get rid of this etra null field?

      I have attached a sample application. I want to know how to show values A, B, C for Feb in Chart 1, with 0s in the bar, and still not show '-' which totals to 34. I dont want to split the fact table into 2, one for each of the dimensions, Is there any other way to do it?