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    What is best practice when automating QVS restarts?

    Trevor Roth

      My environment is QV 11 SR2 with 3 dedicated physical servers. QVDS is on server 1 while QVS is on servers 2 and 3. QVS is clustered on server 2 and 3.
      We have noticed that every 3-4 weeks (on average) QVDS and QVS hang and must be restarted. My server guy implemented a script that automates the restarting of QVDS and QVS on a weekly basis. After the first run of this script I noticed that my QVS’s took roughly 12 hours to come back up (each). This caused obvious issues since QVDS tasks failed attempting to distribute to my QVS’s which were both down at the time. When I restart QVS manually the services come back online in just a matter of minutes.


      So, for those of you who have implemented automatic restarts of QVDS / QVS – are there any tricks or best practices? One question – does it matter what order your restart your services; specifically the QVS cluster master? Should I be doing a physical restart of the server itself, or just the QVDS/QVS services? I do run IIS, so when I restart QVS should I be restarting IIS as well?


      Thanks in advance for any advice.


      - Trevor