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    Google Map

      Good Day All,


           I'd really want to try the google map implementation here on Qlikview
      Can somebody give me Tutorials? or A sample .QVW file so i can explore more
      my Map would be Philippines.




      Your Help is Highly Appreciated.





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          Bill Britt

          There are some examples at http://us.demo.qlik.com/







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              Good Day Sir BIll,Thank you for your response, i just like to know is this the script for the map?

              // Google Maps Key

              // get a key here http://code.google.com/apis/maps/signup.html

              gmap_key = 'xx';

              max_zoom_level = 17; //maximum value 17



              // Variables required for calculating map

              // No need to change these

              var_pi180=                    '=pi()/180';

              var_lat_offset=          '0';

              var_mc2=                    '=256*pow(2,$(var_zoom))';

              var_mc1=                    '=256*pow(2,($(var_zoom)-1))';

              var_mid_lat=          '=min(latitude)+(1+var_lat_offset)*((max(latitude)-min(latitude))/2)';

              var_mid_long=          '=min(longitude)+(max(longitude)-min(longitude))/2';

              var_zoom=                    '=max(aggr(if(max( round(256*pow(2,(_zoom_level -1)))+( longitude  *((256*pow(2,_zoom_level ))/360)) )-min( round(256*pow(2,(_zoom_level -1)))+( longitude  *((256*pow(2,_zoom_level ))/360)) ) <map_size_x AND max((256*pow(2,(_zoom_level-1)))+((0.5*log((1+(sin((latitude)*pi()/180)))/(1-(sin((latitude)*pi()/180)))))*((-256*pow(2,_zoom_level))/(2*pi()))))-min((256*pow(2,(_zoom_level-1)))+((0.5*log((1+(sin((latitude)*pi()/180)))/(1-(sin((latitude)*pi()/180)))))*((-256*pow(2,_zoom_level))/(2*pi()))))<map_size_y,_zoom_level,1),_zoom_level))';

              var_maptype=          '=if(isnull(only(maptype)),fieldvalue( '&chr(39)&'maptype'&chr(39)&', 1 ),maptype)';

              map_size_x=              '640';

              map_size_y=     '400';



              SET HidePrefix='_' ;

              // Field required for calcualting best zoom level


              Load RecNo( ) as _zoom_level autogenerate(max_zoom_level);




              LOAD * INLINE [