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    Formatting Time stamp



      I am new to Qlikview , I am now trying to extract data using incremental loading. I am able to read the last executed time stamp as per the example given below, but when I select the data specifying the value in where clause I am getting error.



      Load Max(PAT_MODIFIED_DATE) as Latest_Date From $(Qvdpath)Roller.qvd(qvd);

      Let LastExecTime=Timestamp(Peek('Latest_Date',0,'LastExec'));

      DROP Table LastExec;



      select ...... from RollerTab where MODIFIED_DATE>$(LastExecTime)


      It has the value in the format - 2/8/2013 3:32:19 PM

      DB Format - 2/8/2013 3:32:19 PM


      Even though the format seems to be the same I am not getting the stipulated output.


      Any help on this ?


      Thanks in advance.



      I tried using quotes also.

      select ...... from RollerTab where MODIFIED_DATE > '$(LastExecTime) ';



      But the result is the same . Any more suggestions ??