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    Deployed Qlikview apps keeps freezing:  New Sheet Object.  Properties for user object.

      - Current Qlikview version 10SR5.  Production server.


      - Affects ALL apps deployed in production.


      - Worked ok last week.


      - We made no changes to prod server.   We made no changes to the apps.


      - This does NOT refer to Qlikview Desktop.  


      - We're using the IE Plugin client.


      1.  Any attempt to add a new sheet object causes the Internet Explorer session to freeze.    You can wait many hours and it doesn't come back.

      2.  Any right-clicking on an existing user object to select "properties" causes your web browser to close completely.  



      * If we launch the app using the Ajax client, the app won't crash or freeze when performing the two activities enumerated above.   However, it WON'T actually PERFORM the function.     It won't do anything when you select the object you want to add.  And it won't show any properties for an existing one.


      Any help/suggestions are appreciated.