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    SetAnalysis not Work for second expression in chart

      Hi Guys,


      i have a problem with setAnalysis in line chart:


      my dimension is =left(YYYYMM,4)&'-'&right(YYYYMM,2)


      and my expression are:


      1. sum({<MonthYearX=>}sales1)

      2. sum({<MonthYearX=>}sales2)

      3. sum({<MonthYearX=>}sales3)


      if I select MonthYearX for the first expression the chart don't change, but not work when i add the others expression. The others sales i didn't have data for all time only for a portion.


      My sort expression is:


      chr(left(YYYYMM,4)&'-'&right(YYYYMM,2)) with TEXT A->Z checked, if i don't do this the chart does not working either for the first expression.