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    slow loading document in access point

    Felipe Carrera


      is the size of the qlikview document a problem when loading in the access point? I have a 6 Gb document and when opening it, it lasts several minutes

      is there a way to speed up the loading? or is this more a problem to be solved in the script? (optimize it and reduce data)

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          Erich Shiino


          If you can make your document smaller, it will be faster to open.

          Maybe there are some unused fields you can remove.

          You can use Rob's document analyzer (http://robwunderlich.com/downloads/ ) to identify those fields.

          It may be useful to check if you need all your data in the application ( for example, you can remove old data)


          You can reduce this loading problem by making the document always available in the memory ( if this is an option for you). You can set this in QMC -> User document tab -> select your document -> on the right, go to the server tab-> availability tab-> check the preload option.


          It will take some time to reload the application to the memory after every data reload.


          Qv applications are stored in a compressed format by default. It is a trade-off. When you compress it, it will become a smaller file, but it may take longer to open it. You can disable it ( and compare the results) in document settings->general tab -> save format: compression. It may even take longer depending on the performance of your disks...


          Hope it helps,