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    no content showed in access point

    Felipe Carrera


      i loaded a document (6 Gb, fact table 9 fields, 3.5 billion records, one dimension table) to be displayed in the access point, but when i open it in access point, it shows nothing, then it shows "session lost". I see also that the server is down, i restarted, but still it does not show anything.


      is there a resason for that? time out? i copy pasted the document from the development to the productive environment




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          Leonardo Raed

          Hi Felcar


          Do you have the QVS log's files? Maybe you have a Ram problem.


          See you.

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            Erich Shiino


            If you have a large qvw, it will take a very long time to open it. So, the first user ( that call the app that will be in memory for sometime) may lose his session.

            You can increase this timeout in a config.xml file. If I remeber corrrectly, the default value is 60 seconds.


            You can check more details here: http://community.qlik.com/message/62135#62135


            The preload option can keep the document in memory and avoid the timeout problem for the first user as I mentioned in your other question.



            Also, if your first tab take too long to be calculated, it can also get a timeout.


            Hope it helps,



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                Felipe Carrera

                Hi Erich

                thanks for your answer. I finally reduce the data size of my document by reducing the number of records and came up to a much smaller document of 1.7GB. I realized the doc of 6 GB completely blocked the QVS making any work too slow (our qv server is equipped with 63.9 RAM)


                However i saw your links and found the "config.xml.file" (

                C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QvWebServer\config.xml file). According to the blog i should change the QvTimeout parameter in the file. the file looks like this:

                          <add name="ClientRoleProvider" type="System.Web.ClientServices.Providers.ClientRoleProvider,
                System.Web.Extensions, Version=, Culture=neutral,
                " serviceUri="" cacheTimeout="86400"/>


                I can imagine, i do not need to change anything here. In the QMC, under System/SetUp/Performance, there is an option for setting the "Possible Session Timeout". In our case is set at 1,800 seconds, this is 30 minutes. Is this the option?


                What do you mean by first tab? in the script or document? anyway, first tab is the connection in script, and in document there are some objects and simple set analysis. In the script there is an outer join on the same table with one IF-statement, and i did not use any record counter to use SUM, but i used COUNT DISTINCT, what i know is not efficient.


                It seems, the issue was the outer join on a table itself of 126 million records, what created a final table of more than 3.5 billion records. It came through (as qvd in 1.5 hours load), but too much for the access point. It seems i need to rethink how to deal with the issue and optimize the document.


                thanks again