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    set analysis with a subtraction

      Hey guys. Still new to QV, and I have a question for you. Fairly easy, I'm assuming.


      I'm trying to build a chart, to show the values of one field minus another field. I'd also like this to be presented in a percentage.


      basically, it's:


      apel_ltr_snt_dt - date_received


      and then to turn that into a percentage.


      These are date fields, if that's important.


      Would anyone be able to assist? Thanks!!!

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          Henric Cronström

          You do not need Set analysis for this.


          First, what is your dimension? Let's assume that there is some sort of Transaction that has a date_received. Then you could use TransactionID as dimension.


          Next is the expression. You could directly use apel_ltr_snt_dt - date_received as expression. But that just works if there is only one apel_ltr_snt_dt and only one date_received per TransactionID. If there are several, you need to specify which aggregation function to use, e.g. Avg(apel_ltr_snt_dt - date_received) or Avg(apel_ltr_snt_dt) - Avg(date_received).


          Percentage? It can easily be done, but compared to what?



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              basically, each apel_id has a received date, and a sent date.


              the received date is when my company receives the letter from a member, and the sent date is when we sent out a reply to the member.


              so, I would need to show a chart, with the Y axis as percentages, from 0% to 100%, in 10% increments.


              then I need to show (by apel_id) the percentage of letters that were sent out within 30 days or receiving them.


              so, if the "apel_ler_snt_date" - "date_received" <=30, then it's good. else, it counts against us.


              if, say, we had 100 apel_id's in October, and all sent dates were within 30 days of the received date, October should show a bar up to 100%.


              Does that make sense?