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    Set Analysis:  How do I break down to year and period totals

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      In the above chart I have selected Job Code 201966. I am aggregating the actual hours worked on the job. 2.76 hours is correct for the whole of the job. However the were 1.32 hours worked in period 1 and 1.44 hours worked in period 2. If I select Period 1 for Job Code 01966, the display extracts the date range correctly within the set analysis:

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      What I wuld like to see is the total of 2.76 and a breakdown for each period.

      I need to use set analysis as I cannot like to the Cst Transaction Date diectly from the calendar. Te Job Code selection will find recods outside the date range as a result.

      I am new to implementig Set Analysis and your ssistance would be very much appreciated.