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    Share Session (Collaboration) with QV11.2IR

      I'm not seeing the Share Session option with the AJAX client.  Using QV Server 11.2 IR.


      I've verified the following:


      * System | Qlikview Servers | QVS@<servername> | Documents tab - Allow Session Collaboration enabled

      * Documents | User Documents (for appropriate dashboard) | Availability - Session Collaboration enabled

         (Server Objects is also allowed (for All Authenticated Users) for the document.)


      Note to those using Publisher:  You'll want to verify that the Server Objects and Availability sections on the Server tab of your Publisher task are set accordingly, otherwise what you set for the Document will be lost when the task rebuilds the document.


      The test QVW document is a QV11.2 document, and under Document Properties (Server tab), all Server objects are enabled.  I've also verified that for the Sheet Properties, Add Sheet Objects is enabled (only because someone suggested as much in another treaad-- it really makes no sense that this should be needed)


      Yet, when I open the dashboard using AJAX, I do not see the button or option on the right side of the toolbar for Sharing a Session.


      What am I missing?

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          Bill Britt

          Hi Donald,


          I have tested this and it works for me.



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            Worked with QlikTech this morning on this issue.  We troubleshooted a good while, first trying to rename the QlikViewServer and DistributionService folders (in \ProgramData\QlikTech), then restarting services to verify.  When that resolved it, we narrowed to QlikViewServer, then narrowed our focus to Settings.ini.  After a lot of experimenting with various configurations, what it came down to this (and this makes absolutely no sense).... the QlikView Root folder specificiation.


            On this server, the name of the QlikView root documents folder is D:\QlikViewRoot


            There are multiple folder mounts specified, but all are named in a similar way, but with a .XXX suffix, so things like D:\QlikViewRoot.Admin, D:\QlikViewRoot.Demo, etc.


            And for reasons not yet well understood (QlikTech is doing more testing), this sort of combination seems to trip the Session Collaboration.  By specifing any other folder for the root (D:\test, D:\QlikViewDocuments, etc.), the problem is resolved.


            QlikTech opened a new case to do more testing to see if they can reproduce on their end, so we'll see.  If so, this will result in a bug report.