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    How to apply a variable to specific values in a table?

      Hello -


      I created a simple chart based on the data in the following format: 


      Austria2008           1,800
      Austria2009           2,000
      Austria2010           2,220
      Austria2011           1,750
      Belgium2008         20,000
      Belgium2009         23,000
      Belgium2010         24,000
      Belgium2011         21,250


      In this example, the sales numbers from 2008-2010 are reported in USD, and the 2011 totals are in Euro.  I need to get the 2008-2010 values equivalent to a Euro currency.  I created a variable called "FX Rate" (where FX rate = value from 1.0 to 1.6) and made this simple expression:  Sum (Sales)/[FX RATE].  However, I need to apply this ONLY to values where Year = 2008,2009,2010 (or less than 2011).  How would I do this?  Attached is the example.  Thanks for the help.