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    Help! Set Analysis based of table created in QV

      Hey guys. Hopefully I can explain this correctly. Here goes:


      I'm creating a table for users to view. It's based on an expression, which does a count where one field is "standard60", one is "C", and one is "denial overturned".


      This expression works, and it creates the table, which is just a count where that criteria is met. The table is called "Favorable Claim Reconsiderations".


      I believe I have like, 180 records where all criteria is met (it's a "standard60", its a "C", and its a "denial overturned" record.)


      The issue I have is, I'm trying to take this table and it's data, and then find out, of those records, which of them had a letter sent out in a timely fashion.


      The expression is simple: =sum(apel_ltr_snt_dt) - sum([Received Date])


      How do I do this? Can I do the first expression, then "if these are met, then do the second expression" somehow?


      Hopefully I explained this correctly. PLEASE HELP!



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          When you say you are creating a table, do you mean you are creating a table in script, or that you are creating a straight table using expressions (i.e., just a chart)?


          It will help to clarify if you post the specifics, including the expression you've used.


          If you are using a chart and have set analysis to restrict what is counted in your expression, you can easily extend that to reference whether you have a date in some other field.  Without seeing your data model or expressions, I am having to guess a bit, but it could be as simple as:


          count({$<Criteria={'Standard60'}, SomeFld={'C'}, AnotherFld={'Denial'}, DateReceived={*"}> FldToCount)