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    iPad Mortgage Calculator

    Simon Williams

      The attached QlikView application was built by James Belsey in version 11 to be used on an iPad.  It allows users to perform "what if" and comparisons between mortgage options.  It is essentially a proof of concept for a tool that a lender could use to show a client various scenarios.


      Feedback welcome.

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          Paul Van Siclen

          Hello swm,


          This is a great looking app that has applicability throughout the financial services space. 


          • Sales teams on the road using a QlikView iPad app to demonstrate "best in class" capabilities to their customer?
          • Pricing rate sheets published through a QlikView app? or better, Risk Based Pricing and Price Optimization algorithms at the Sales teams' fingertips!
          • 360 degree review of customer and product choices prior to a sales call?


          Just a few ways that this app might be applied in the space.