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    What happens when a NT user name is changed at the Active Directory

    Jose Luis Dengra



      The NT username is being changed into the Active Directory for some QlikView users, including the mine, that has changed.

      I expected to need to change my NT username in the QlikView Licence settings and also in the section access of documents, but I am able to login to Access Point and open the documents as before. Therefor, the Access Points shows me connected as my older NT user, and the Enterprise Management Console find my new NT user but not my related QlikView licences, although I still can access the web server and documents.

      Some of the users say that they cannot see any of the documents, and others say that they can see only some of them but access is denied.


      Can any of you explain what exactly happens in QlikView when a NT user name is changed at the Active Directory for the same user ?

      Is it needed any change in licences and section access to update this information or not ?

      Is there any PGO file implied ?


      Thank you in advance.


      Jose Luis.

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          Bill Britt

          This is never a good ideal from a OS perspective, because it does cause issue all around. In QlikView the User Cal or Document Cals assigned to that users witll have to be removed and reassigned. All section Access that reference that user has to be changed and the documents rights have to be updated. All shared object will have to be taken over by the administrator and the user will have to recreated them.



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            Fei Xu

            We had a same case. Before in active directory on the QV server, some users' names are firstname.l. Then client asked us to rename them to firstname.lastname. We did the change in the active directory and re-assigned the name CALs to the new names. Then within the four users that have been changed, one is working fine. The other three can log on but when they try to open QV files, they see the error message "Access denied! The server has not user CAL for  your account. Please contact your system administrator."


            We then assigned these three user CALs back to their old names (Because the old user names do not exist any more, I manully input them when assigning the CALs to them.). For end users, they can use the new user name and password to log on and open files. Just in the named CALs list, the old user names are displayed.


            The only thing I feel really strange is that I have done exactly same things to four users, why there is one works, the other three  do not.

            The QV version we are using is 11.20.11718.0 SR1