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    Monitoring Licences Users and Applications



      Many times I get the questions from application owners how many licenses do I have on each application and how many of my doc cal users have several doc cal licenses. Does anyone have a good little application to extract this information? The monitoring tool only give information about sessions but I also need information about the users that have not yet started using their licences.




      Licence type     User     Application     (regardles of if the user has yet used its licence)

      Doc CAL

      Named User


      Also the information about Nr of different type of licenses, how many are available (not allocated) and how many are allocated but not yet assigned as well as listting the unassigned users and their applications.


      It would be great to get something that could be put into the Monitoring application, or does it exist in any version that I have missed?

      Or do you know what files I need to parse to get the information?


      Thank you for any suggestions