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    Why my Aggregation values are so high  for simple expression like sum(sales)

    Raj vadde

      Hi all,

              This might be dumb question .......but i'm struggling to find a answer


      In my script i'm doing a group by (for a range of dates using a for loop for every week) with respect to my primary key and i see all aggregated values for a given key


      but when i select a single key(primary key values my and gave expression like sum(sales ) ina text box..the values are very high ..


      can somebody throw some light on how group by and aggregation work in qlikview.


      and here i'm attaching my application and data file to get an overview of what i'm doing ...


      i'm not sure whether it's right way to use a for loop and follwed by groupby ..plz throw some light on this


      and guide me with your valuable suggestion