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    Multiple Designers, One Document?

    Ian Simmons

      Hello All


      I am relatively new to QlikView, I have been working at it in evaluation mode for some time. I have a question: we have two designers who will be working in a similar area, using basically exactly the same data model. We would like to have their work within one QVW document as there is some overlap in their audience, and for licensing reasons we don't want to create two documents.


      Is there any way to have one work on (say) a tab on a document, and have it imported into the other's document at a later date? Does Copy/Paste work across documents in this way? I can seem to copy a single object, but not a whole sheet. That would seem time-consuming and onerous. Is there any concept of merge/copy of sheets?


      Many thanks

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          Or Shoham

          Copy-pasting mostly works across documents. I'm not sure if you can copy an entire sheet, but you can certainly copy-paste the entire contents of the sheet (open the sheet in question, CTRL+A, CTRL+C, open the target sheet, CTRL-V. I think there's no menu copy option).


          One point of concern, though, is object IDs. Any objects copied into a new file will be assigned new object IDs if their old IDs are unavailable. If you do not manually assign object IDs, this can result in container objects getting the wrong objects, for example.


          There may be other issues, but those are the ones that come to mind. I've used this technique before with no particular problems (other than the object IDs).