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    QlikView in Salesforce

      I am in the midst of a POC of QlikView within Salesforce and have been asked a question I don't have the answer to:


      Is it possible to navigate from a specific record in Salesforce to a QlikView "report" that contains data for JUST that record?  So let's say I'm looking at ABC Customer in Salesforce.  Can I click on that Salesforce record and pass a parameter to a QlikView "report" that will return data just for ABC Customer?

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          Alexander Karlsson



          Sure there is a few ways to accomplish that. You could integrate a single object into the entity screen in salesforce that gets the ID and filters the data accordingly.


          Or you could do something even simpler that does not require any coding.

          The standard ajax client accepts selection parameters as part of the url. So would need your salesforce id in the app, then pass that id into a listbox.


          For example,

          https://<your server>/QvAJAXZfc/opendoc.htm?document=<your document>.qvw&select=<your object>,<your salesforce ID>

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              Logesh Jayaraman

              Hi Alexander,


              It is really helpful. We are trying to display the QlikView dashboard in the salesforce using the iframe option.

              And we would like to pass the parameter from salesforce to QlikView.


              1. I am very new to this kind of integration.

              2. Is there any limitation in the number of parameters passed through Ajax URL?

              3. Could you please share some documentation on this.