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    like in an expression



      i have this expression:


      (sum({$<ISPAIDDPNC={'N'}>}AMOUNTDDPNC)-sum({$<DESCRIPTION_Cruces_Linea={'*        *'}>TOTALCXP_Cruces_Linea))


      in the space i want a "like" where must be the id of the document of the row that is UM_NOTACREDITO_ID


      how can i do this?


      i want the sum of all totalCxPcruceslinea where the description like '%(multiples IDs)%'



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          Dmitry Gudkov

          Please clarify your question. If you need to filter based on substring you can use SubStringCount:


          sum({$<DESCRIPTION_Cruces_Linea={"=SubStringCount(DESCRIPTION_Cruces_Linea, 'substr')"}>TOTALCXP_Cruces_Linea)

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              i have the field um_notacredito_Id with this values...1, 2, 3, 4, 5,........


              i need the expression:












              for each row of the table chart that im trying to do.

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              Alessandro Saccone

              As you probably know, it is not possible to use a field in set analysis but you can use only values. Now,

              If your field is UM_NOTACREDITO_ID then start (*) in set analysis works as like in queries so

              sum({$<DESCRIPTION_Cruces_Linea={'*value of my field*'}>TOTALCXP_Cruces_Linea))

              exctacts and sum all values that contains "value of my field". If you want you can use a selected value in a list box for instance using getfieldselected().


              hope this may help