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    Chart Percents


      I'm  trying to make a chart that work like this:


      Let's say I have 3 suppliers that supply  the products of any category.

      I'm making a bar chart where the bars display the percents of product of each category, so far, no problem with this.


      sample chart percents.PNG


      In my filters, I have the supplier option, my suppliers have a percent of volume  of product (not considering the category).


      SupplierPercent of Product



      With this information, if the users selects a Supplier in the filter option (Supplier A),  the chart shouldn't take all the whole product volume as a 100% (which is the most logical process), it should use the 50%, and the sum of the percent of each category should give me the result of 50%.


      Any ideas of how to make it work like this?