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    Can I link Workbooks?

      I am working with a very large data set and the resulting QVW is much to slow to satisfy my business.  Yet, at the same time we are being asked to take it one more grain lower, which will multiply the dataset by a factor of three.


      I was thinking it would be better to have a "summary" dashboard that is at a higher grain and shows basic, summary information.  Then users can drill down but at a certian point they can't get any lower without linking over to a detailed dashboard that has it at the lower grain.


      This would be best if they opened the more detailed dashboard with the selections they had already made carrying over.  That way they have a reduced dataset when they open the detailed dashboard and they also don't have to re-make all their selections.


      I heard a rummor this is possible but have not been able to find out what terms to use for searching on this topic.


      Thank you so much for your help.