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    Qlikview 10 SR 2 server - NTFS authorization question

      Hi Everybody


      First I want to apoligize for my english, I am not a native english speaker.


      I have a doubt about security. I know its really about windows permissions buy I want to ask here to know if somebody has had the same or similar problem before.


      My client has a QlikView 10 SR2 instalation into a virtual machine with Windows 2008 R2 64 bits. They have the need to move that instalation to another virtual machine, so we have to create that virtual machine, install and configure the QV server software and move/copy all the report files from one machine to the other. The security of the QV server is set to NFTS authorization.


      My doubt is if I can move/copy al the report files to the new server and the security of each file will be preserved in the new machine (the new machine will have the same security configuration that the older one: users and groups). I have to made an estimation of the time needed to do the migration and I need to know if the security will be preserved of I will have to set the security again for each file instead.


      Thanks in advance.