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    month to date max value



      I would like to compare two values between the same dates.

      My formula is :

      Sum (if(InMONTH(cal,timestamp(reloadTime()),0),codep_premier))-sum (if(InMONTHtodate(cal,ReloadTime(),-1),codep_premier))


      Problem is I would like to replace my ReloadTime by the max of the calendar because sometimes the max will be 2, 3 or 4 days before I reloaded my application.

      I tried to put "max(cal)", it didn't work, I tried timestamp(max(cal)) didn't work either. I pretty much tried everything, and when I just put max(cal) or others in a random text it works, but everytime i try with inmonthtodate it doesn't.


      How can I solve this ?


      PS: I'm using Qlikview 10.00 SR4.